The ViBi Venezia Founders


The ViBi Venezia Founders

We got talking to Vera & Viola Arrivabene, The ViBi Venezia Founders…about life, hobbies and motivation

First thing you do when you wake up?

VERA: Check my emails

VIOLA: Snooze the alarm endlessly


Last thing you do before you go to sleep?

VERA: Read a few pages of my book

VIOLA: Put my phone on charge far away from the bed


Power breakfast?

VERA: Porridge with coconut milk and honey

VIOLA: Rye bread super toasted with fresh ricotta olive oil a bit of lemon zest and chili flakes, not really a powerful breakfast but definitely my favourite!


Favourite cocktail?

VERA: Skinny bitch

VIOLA: Martini extra dry with a twist of lemon


Motivational mantra/quote of choice?

VERA: Do your best and always a bit more

VIOLA: Fake it until you make it!!!


Travel essentials

VERA: My Rimowa suitcase, AirPods and a book

VIOLA: A Good Book


What did you want to do when you ‘grew up’?

VERA: Lawyer

VIOLA: Fashion designer, closer enough I guess


Dream suit?

VERA: Anything by The Deck, of course

VIOLA: The Bar Jacket designed by Christian Dior, and just add a pair of cigarette male cut trousers in the same fabric


Role model?

VERA: My mom

VIOLA: My mother


Favourite Milan restaurant?

VERA: Lu bar



Favourite European city?

VERA: Venice

VIOLA: Venice


One thing you took out of lockdown?

VERA: Who and what really counts in your life

VIOLA:  Dedicate more time to yourself


Advice you wish you’d been told as a child?

VERA: Stick to who you are

VIOLA: Its ok to fail at things, and always learn from all your mistakes


Prefer a suit paired up or paired down?

VERA: Paired down

VIOLA: Paired up


How do you de-stress?

VERA: Working out and talking to my best friends

VIOLA: Writing down everything I have to do and going through them one by one 


Biggest luxury?

VERA: Being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want

VIOLA: Being healthy 


What is keeping you laughing?

VERA: My friends

VIOLA: The amount of emails I have to go through


What are you watching on Netflix?

VERA: I can’t say, it’s too embarrassing!

VIOLA: Bridget Jones Diary always puts me in a good mood


What are you reading?

VERA: I leoni di Sicilia

VIOLA: The count of Montecristo


Workout of choice?

VERA: Cardio with my personal trainer

VIOLA: Technogym app and Alo Yoga

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