Hermione Underwood

Tailoring the trailblazers

Hermione Underwood

“To embrace the power of vulnerability.”

Hermione Underwood is incredibly well-versed in communication, creation and development.

These significant skills hang under her professional umbrella as the UK CEO of JSHealth. With a goal to target health concerns through science-backed, solution-focused products, her company has flourished across global feminine societies, and rightly so, because it promises to deliver authentic solutions for a brighter state of life. Defined by a driving motto for each woman to #LiveYourOwnSkin, Underwood’s accomplishments have aided the elevation of countless individuals, making her a serious example of someone who works for the improvement of a community. She sits proud in her blackwatch tartan suit.

“To be a woman is to embrace the power of vulnerability.”

- Hermione Underwood , CEO