Single-breasted Pink Wool Suit - Olivia Arben

Tailoring the trailblazers

Olivia Arben

“To have a strong sense of identity with other women.”

Being the face of creative brands and businesses requires a great deal of confidence, expression and embracement, and these are skills which British model Olivia Arben serves with empowerment.

Having graced the covers of highly influential publications – from Numéro and L’Officiel to Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar – she is also an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation. Using her voice to spread support and awareness on the saddening impacts of heart and circulatory diseases, Arben’s lifestyle choices are a symbol of her individual strength, an exceptional quality which is highlighted via her single-breasted, pink wool suit.

“To be a woman is to have a strong sense of identity with other women in order to understand, connect and empower.” 

- Olivia Arben , Model