Mint Suit with Peach Edging - Candice Lake

Tailoring the trailblazers

Candice Lake

“To put it simply, it is to be a warrior. ”

Supplying a stunning self-portrait while collaborating with The Deck on this series, Candice Lake proves that her talents in photography and style are mutually exclusive.

As well as excelling in the visual department, Lake is also a Contributing Style Editor at Vogue Australia, where she shares her documentations of modern womanhood. With a goal to share feminine dimensions and development, Lake is a creative force to be reckoned with – and her confidence is communicated as she wears her mint suit with peach edging.

"To be a woman is to understand that you lose and find yourself time and time again in this selfless juggle of being a mother, businesswoman, wife and friend. It is to be a warrior.”

- Candice Lake , photographer