Yellow Wool with White Edging Ensemble - Mika Simmons

Tailoring the trailblazers

Mika Simmons

“To find your own voice and stay true to it.”

Mika Simmons isn’t afraid to use her voice. There are three key ways by which she expresses it: through acting, film-making and podcasting.

The latter has resulted in a globally acclaimed series, The Happy Vagina, which has wonderfully opened up a conversation around women’s experiences in gynaecological health. Simmons is also the founder of the Lady Garden Foundation, funding research into the treatment of gynaecological cancers. There is much to be applauded in her selfless contributions to the women’s community, and her optimistic strive is sartorially delivered through a yellow wool with white edging ensemble.

“To be a woman is a lifetime's work to find your own voice and then, once you’ve found it, to stay true to it. To find your tender. Then find your fierceness.”

- Mika Simmons , Actress , Filmmaker , Founder + Podcast Host