Tailoring the Trailblazers


Tailoring the Trailblazers

Created in collaboration with Candice Lake,The Deck presents the next segment of our photographic series – Tailoring the Trailblazers – to shed light on the strength, success and style across the diverse community of Deck women.

The female trailblazer is a multifaceted force of nature, for she seeks to redefine her status in society as one which – rightfully – rests in line with her male peers. Framing her life around the pursuit of equality, her mission is twofold.

First of all, to carve her own path through an exploration of her unique talents and passions. Secondly, to champion all of the journeys within her fellow female community, subsequently building the blocks for future generations to flourish. Historically, she may have been up against a wave in society, but today, the trailblazer sees this coming, and rather than running from it, she tackles it head on – exhibiting a modern sense of strength which calls for celebration. Enter the intention of our latest series: Tailoring the Trailblazers. Created in collaboration with photographer Candice Lake, this visual project has been built around a curation of women who have overcome a wave of inequality: both in their professional life and personal expression. The first segment of the series was unveiled on International Women’s Day – a perfect occasion to celebrate accomplishments in the current female sphere – but we must emphasise: our values at The Deck transcend this twenty-four hour holiday. Stitching a silhouette of individuality both constitutes and drives the daily evolution of our house: hallmarking the sartorial style of women who are unrivalled in their respective fields.


And so, with this commemoration in mind, we introduce phase two of the series.

Following on from our opening segment which featured the likes of Ciinderella Balthazar, Lisa Armstrong and Adjoa Andoh, photographer Candice Lake has turned her lens onto further examples of trailblazing success: from acclaimed art curators and auctioneers to powerful podcast hosts and record-breaking adventurers. All existing clients of the Deck, the selected eight pose proudly in their personal tailored ensembles designed by us: ranging from white three piece suits to sharp houndstooth blazers. And while each woman is undeniably in a league of her own, the images also shed light on the community within which she belongs, because there is nothing better than raising a glass to all who purvey modern womanhood.

This toast is echoed by our founder and CEO Daisy Knatchbull. “The Deck is built on the idea of a community for women – celebrating each and every one of them for their unique curves, shapes and personalities as well as their skills and accomplishments. Those who shop with us resonate with the philosophy that no two women are the same and The Deck has embraced this concept since its inception. ”