Camel Cotton Safari Suit - Tiffanie Darke

Tailoring the trailblazers

Tiffanie Darke

“To be everything: a mother, agent, daughter, mentor, friend, lover.”

Tiffanie Darke began her career in fashion.

Eight weeks a year, she would travel to the most esteemed style cities – New York, London, Milan and Paris – to document the trending transitions for publications like the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times Style. While undoubtedly driving a cultural conversation for the fabricated state of womanhood, Darke has since embarked on another professional path as a Sustainability Ambassador. Co-founding Agora – a live centre proclaiming and offering sustainable product solutions from a global curation of ethical business owners. As a muse for strength, style and sustainability, Gordon expresses her connection with nature through her camel cotton safari suit.

“To be a woman is everything in 2022: mothers, agents, daughters, mentors, friends, lovers. Aren’t we lucky?”

- Tiffanie Darke , Sustainability Ambassador