Annabel Simpson


Annabel Simpson

We spoke to Annabel Simpson (aka Festibel) - music journalist, festival reviewer and DJ about what is keeping he...

Where are you writing this?

From an isolated boathouse on the coast in Suffolk 


Where are you dreaming of going as soon as the quarantine ends?

A Festival would be ideal…


What quote/ mantra / mindfulness go to is getting you through this?

Keep drinking wine. Keep eating pasta.


What is keeping you laughing? 

My ducklings. I found a tiny day old Mallard abandoned by it’s mother so I took him home and bought another one from a local duck breeder as a companion - they are hilarious. Zooming about, pecking my dogs on the nose and generally being mischief makers.  


What won’t you ever take for granted again post quarantine?

My Pablo:Rita DJ gigs with my partner Liz Cass. I also really miss just being able to hit a crowded dancefloor.


What small businesses are you loving and would like to give a shout to?

The Cocktail Delivery Company are new and have come in very handy! Festivalia.com for fun festival style clothes while dancing around the garden.  


What restaurant will be your first meal post quarantine?

Oooooh! Perhaps Osteria Basilico in Notting Hill with a big bowl of pasta and a side of pizza.


What is keeping you entertained - print or digital?

I’m enjoying streaming live DJ sets and watching The Dodo on instagram which shares heart warming stories about animals from around the world, I'm obsessed. 


We are called The Deck – what is your favourite card game?

I once played Blackjack in The Palm Beach Casino and really nailed it. Beginners luck perhaps.  


What would your dream suit look like?

Black with Gold Paisley and shoulder pads. 


What are you watching on Netflix?

Any end of world or zombie film we can find. I’m in lockdown with 2 friends and my husband and post-apocalyptic movies have become a bit of a tradition. I would highly recommend The Girl With All The Gifts or Cockneys Vs Zombies. 


What are you reading?

I’m busy relaunching my festival website  at the moment so I’m trawling through the many reviews and notes I’ve made at festivals over the years – pretty amusing stuff and a far cry from what will be going on this summer. 


Can you tell us about your skincare regime? The products you can’t live without? 

I don’t have a regime as such, I love 111 Skin Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery and really like NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser which is the only make up I can be bothered to wear. 


Your go to vitamins? 

I don’t take vitamins, is that bad? Does vitamin D from the sun count? Maybe I need to start taking vitamins, thank you for bringing this up. 


What is your home workout of choice?

Walking to the fridge and back? Other than that I’m taking the dogs on a long walk every day which is great exercise and a chance to clear my head.

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