Denim Safari Suit - Flora Macdonald Johnston

Tailoring the trailblazers

Flora Macdonald Johnston

“To take your own path at your own pace. ”

It takes a great amount of self-assurance to work at the top of fashion’s publishing sphere, and that’s exactly what Flora Macdonald Johnston has.

Previously the Fashion and Luxury Director at the Financial Times, she is fluent in communicating the style, business and cultural development of clothing – all of which also apply to her existing role at Koibird. As a multi-brand retail destination which encourages uniqueness and discovery, Johnston is the Fashion Director: employing her insights and curations to aid the expressions of a diverse clientele. Dressing identities is nothing short of empowering, and in dressing herself for this series, she has opted for the boldest tailoring statement: a denim safari suit.

“To be a woman is to take your own path at your own pace. Life isn’t linear and always perfect, and neither are we.”

- Flora Macdonald Johnston , Journalist + Fashion Director