Tailoring the Trailblazers

Created in collaboration with Candice Lake, The Deck presents the first segment of a new photographic series – Tailoring the Trailblazers – to shed light on the strength, success and style across the diverse community of Deck women.

Modernist English writer Virginia Woolf once stated that "a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write." As one of the first female authors to be published under her own gender, Woolf was extremely successful in her field, but her sentence wasn't just directed at those who worked with words.

“To write” was in reference to a much broader story: that of women's rights, to live in equal measures and equal expressions to men. Almost a century on from her statement, much has changed, and though there is still a way to go to completely satisfy her statement, there is a lot to be celebrated. And so to mark International Women's Day, we introduce a brand new campaign to hallmark success, expression and style: Tailoring the Trailblazers.

Created in collaboration with Candice Lake – esteemed photographer and Style Editor of Vogue Australia – Tailoring the Trailblazers is an authentic insight into the state of modern womanhood. Shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of powerful women in their respective fields, the series is a natural expression of The Deck’s core values: confidence, community and the unique quality of each individual woman. From journalists and musicians to para athletes and astrologers, the series endorses the theme: #BreakTheBias, examining the movement towards a gender equal world. Visually, it also proves that the modern woman is not restricted to one definition. Rather, her being is a constant evolution: shaped by professional directions from all walks of life. While each woman featured has built a room of her own in society, there is one thing that binds the collective together: style. Specifically, tailoring, because nothing highlights success and singularity quite like a well made suit.


Enter the designs of The Deck. Each woman featured is an existing client of our house, so they chose to present their persona in their very own Deck ensemble.

Naturally, this has resulted in a range of striking silhouettes, all of which serve to enhance and elevate the empowerment at hand. As expressed by our founder and CEO Daisy Knatchbull, “The Deck is built on the idea of a community for women – celebrating each and every one of them for their unique curves, shapes and personalities as well as their skills and accomplishments. Those who shop with us resonate with the philosophy that no two women are the same and The Deck has embraced this concept since its inception. ”