Pink Velvet Suit Sealed with Purple Velvet Buttons - Dr. Catharine Denning

Tailoring the trailblazers

Dr. Catharine Denning

“To travel towards your goals despite society’s structural biases.”

Individual beauty is something to be celebrated across the global community of women, and in 2022, the act of subtly enhancing this is a decision made to empower each individual.

As a cosmetic doctor who specialises in minimalistic procedures, Dr Catharine Denning is a master of elevation, providing a “whole-face” approach to care which results in a refreshed, youthful glow. Having originally trained as a plastic surgeon for burns victims, she now operates with two clinics in London and Kent, effectively installing comfort and confidence amongst Britain’s feminine sphere. Few things exemplify the power of modern womanhood more than that, only proven further by her choice to serve as a doctor on the frontline of the pandemic. For Tailoring the Trailblazers, Denning is decked out in her pink velvet suit sealed with purple velvet buttons.

“To be a woman is like walking a tightrope; balancing being unapologetically strong and driven on one side with being vulnerable, gentle and empathic on the other. It is to travel towards your goals despite society’s structural biases.”

- Dr. Catharine Denning , cosmetic doctor