Black and White Houndstooth Jacket with Black Fresco Trousers - Katharine Arnold

Tailoring the trailblazers

Katharine Arnold

“To embrace our deep wells of strength.”

The art world was not always a place where a woman could thrive.

Today, women are celebrated as artists and art professionals alike. As a market leader, Katharine Arnold continues to push for progress in 2022. Following studies at the esteemed Oxford University, LSE and Courtauld Institute of Art, she has spent the past twelve years working at renowned auction house Christie’s and is now Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art, Europe. Katharine is a classic case for intellect and taste, and this is reflected in her choice to style her black and white Houndstooth jacket with black Fresco trousers.

“To be a woman is to embrace our deep wells of strength, as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and at the same time, professionals with our own private passions.”

- Katharine Arnold , Art Expert + Auctioneer