Frequently Asked Questions

Daisy our Founder took some time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, but if you have any further questions, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch by emailing contact@thedecklondon.com

Why invest in tailoring with us?
Too often we settle for something that doesn’t fit because we have no other option. The beauty of The Deck is you no longer have to experience that. There is nothing comparable to putting on a suit made to your unique measurements and never experiencing fit issues again. With infinite customisations, premium quality cloth and craftsmanship and uniquely personal experience we will make sure your visit to The Deck is one to remember.
How do I book an appointment?
Feel free to request an appointment with us via our website here, by emailing contact@thedecklondon.com or via social media.
Can I walk in just to browse?
Of course! Drop in and see us - we’d love to talk more and talk you through what we are able to do.
If I book an appointment, do I have to go ahead with ordering a suit?
Not at all, our consultations are no-obligation so if you feel it's not for you, that's okay!
Do I have to buy a suit or can I buy separates?
Although most people order suits with us we are of course able to make a range of tailored wardrobe staples made to your measurements from jackets, trousers, waistcoats, skirts and shorts.
What if I don’t know what style is best for me?
That’s what we are here for! Don't be afraid to ask questions and raise any concerns. A lot of our clients arrive at their appointments unsure of what style or cloth they want. Our expert team will ensure you find something just right for your shape, size and taste using all of their specialist industry knowledge.
How long will the whole process take?
Three fittings over 12-14 weeks. Your fittings are spaced 5 weeks, 6 weeks and 1 week apart but don't worry if you can’t make that timeline - we are happy to work around your schedule (particularly for those living abroad and travelling back less regularly). Also note that urgent orders are available on request.
Once I have placed an order, can I do re-orders without coming back into the Atelier?
Yes! Once we have your pattern for a particular style, all you need to do is reselect your cloth, lining and buttons (all can be done over zoom) and we can put your next order into work without you having to come back to our Atelier.
Do you only do fittings and appointments in the Atelier?
If it's a first time order then we will need to see you face to face. That doesn't have to be at our Atelier necessarily - we can of course come and see you in your home, hotel or office if that is what you would prefer.
What happens if I don’t live in London?
Unfortunately the fittings cannot currently be done online, and so you would have to be seen in London. However, lots of our clients live outside the capital and organise their fittings around their trips down to London. Watch this space for exciting expansion plans for those outside of London and across the seas!
Can I buy a gift card?
Of course! Gift cards are often purchased with us and make for the perfect present. Whether buying for yourself, your wife, partner, mother, sister or friend - we’ve got it covered. Beautifully wrapped and hand delivered.
What if I still have more questions?
Not to worry! Drop us a line at contact@thedecklondon.com and we’ll get straight back to you!