• an unfortunate reality

    Unfortunately, the fashion system often encourages women to purchase clothes that don’t fit or suit them. Instead, women are pressured to buy into the latest trend or seasonal piece; regardless of whether the cut, colour or silhouette of a garment will actually flatter their figure. The system is designed to keep consumers spending needlessly for season after season, often in return for a disappointing shopping experience.

  • changing the landscape

    At The Deck, we work tirelessly to counteract this, and to offer women a healthy alternative: made-to-measure tailoring that is purpose built to flatter and crafted expressly for you. We’re still frequently amazed by the number of women who still come to us overwhelmed with gratitude for owning a pair of trousers that actually fit and flatter their body shape!

  • a suit that is made for you

    The longevity of the clothes we make is hugely important to us. We want to help women to have a fulfilling, rewarding shopping experience, walking away with a made-to-measure suit that will fit seamlessly into your life. We take time to understand our clients, what they need from their wardrobes and what they feel they’re missing – to ensure that we can create clothes you’ll return to for many years to come.