Maroon Wool Three Piece Suit - Adriana Paice Kent

Tailoring the trailblazers

Adriana Paice Kent

“To have the freedom to listen, nurture and collaborate.”

Living and working in London, Adriana Paice Kent is an artist, curator and founder of Woven Spaces – a property company shaping meaningful commercial places.

Previously part of Greyworld – a collective of artists - she created BAFTA nominated art installations and as a curator she worked with Heatherwick Studio on his award-winning British Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai. Her own practice in interactive textiles includes international collaborations with poets, musicians and Parisian couturiers. The fine details of her accomplishments as a woman are expressed through her choice to wear a maroon wool three-piece suit.

“To be a woman is to embrace a multiplicity of identities: artist, curator, mother, wife, developer, and have the freedom to listen, nurture and collaborate.”

- Adriana Paice Kent , Collector + Developer , Curator