Tailoring the Trailblazers


Tailoring the Trailblazers

 Created in collaboration with Candice Lake,The Deck presents the final segment of our photographic series – Tailoring the Trailblazers – to shed light on the strength, success and style across the diverse community of Deck women.

As the first women’s tailor to establish a shopfront on Savile Row, The Deck is the inaugural setting where female accomplishments are given an opportunity to be charted in the same sartorial manner to those of men.

We see our space as a vital symbol in the movement towards fabricating gender equality, but our presence wouldn’t be possible without the community of female customers who lift our suits to life. Naturally, this invokes a desire to commemorate their achievements, and we have chosen to do this through an intimate photographic series, titled: Tailoring the Trailblazers.

The series has been shot by Candice Lake, and across the first two segments, has provided an elevating insight into the style which seals the intellectual substance of Deck women. This third curation concludes the series, and it continues to do so with the utmost flair, fashion and force. Featuring leading female purveyors in publishing, sustainability and hospitality, the range of women to educate and enlighten stretches far and wide. But the series would not be complete without a feature of our very own founder and CEO Daisy Knatchbull, because of whom The Deck’s business and its close-knit community continues to flourish. Allow this final segment of the series to inspire your own story, for which we’re waiting to tailor on Savile Row.