White Three Piece Linen Suit - Rachel Verghis

Tailoring the trailblazers

Rachel Verghis

“To belong to an extraordinary collective.”

Rachel Verghis is as passionate about art as she is about work, so naturally, she combined both together in the conception of her own companies: goo.ey and VerghisArt.

The former collaborates with artists, activists and designers on limited-edition mobile cases, while the latter amplifies the work of artists from the Asia Pacific region. Collectively, Verghis is chronicling a strong community, and with a board role at the Biennale of Sydney, she also uses her female voice to champion and support creative individuals. Outside of her professional pursuits, Verghis has recently launched her own Gin brand to initiate celebration for those around her. Exhibiting a flair for culture, support and strength, she styles her white, three piece linen suit for our series.

“To be a woman is to belong to an extraordinary collective.”

- Rachel Verghis , Entrepreneur