Three Piece Pinstripe Suit - Yini Zhang

Tailoring the trailblazers

Yini Zhang

“To have the freedom and intelligence to choose what you can do.”

Yini Zhang understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Versing herself in the technicalities of creation while studying MBA at the Imperial College, she translated this degree into her very own project: Scalized.

As co-founder of the establishment, Zhang carefully identifies companies with the highest growth potential in China – working with them to raise funding from investors and accelerate their business to complete success. Selflessly prioritising the passions and developments of others, Zhang exhibits a unique sense of drive, intellect and compassion – deeming her as a clear muse in The Deck’s community. She streamlines her success in wearing her powerful three piece pinstripe suit.

“To have the freedom and intelligence to choose what you can do.”

- Yini Zhang , Entrepreneur